5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Natural Emerald Rings

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Each month of our lives has a respective gemstone, which we refer to as “birthstone.” Emerald is indeed the birthstone for the people who born in the month of May. The emerald green colour is captivating, and you purchase the stone for yourself or a loved one.

But There are numerous questions that must be addressed before buying gemstone rings. Here is a guide which will resolve our 5 major doubts before buying Natural Emerald Rings.

  1. Quality

Several factors influence emerald quality. Color, clarity, carat (weight), shape, origin, and texture are some analytical factors. Subjective factors consist of the stone’s inherent beauty, elemental colour, allure, and charm. But, if you had to pick just one factor that influences emerald quality, it would be colour. Emeralds are either green or slightly bluish-green in colour.

The three main elements of every gemstone colour are – Hue (primary colour of stone), Tone (degree of lightness or darkness) and the third one is Saturation (strength & intensity of Hue).

Emerald is green or slightly bluish-green in colour. Because emeralds are lighter stones, the tone should not be too dark. The intensity of a colour is defined by its saturation. The saturation level varies from vivid to greyish or brownish. Choose an emerald with Green or slightly bluish- green hue, a medium-to-medium dark tone, and close to vivid saturation for your Natural Emerald Ring.

  1. Size

Size refers to the weight of the emerald. It is important to know the size of an emerald for a Ring. Emeralds, like diamonds, are measured in carats. One carat equals one-fifth of a gramme.

To begin with you must take a brief tour to grasp the concept of specific gravity. Specific gravity (SG) is the weight of a material divided by the weight of an equal volume of water.

The SG of Emerald is 2.67. Diamonds have an SG of 3.52, while rubies and sapphires have an SG of 4.0.

In simple words, emeralds have a lower density than diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Which means that a 1 carat emerald will be bigger than a 1 carat diamond. If you want to achieve a 1 carat diamond ring look with your emerald, choose between 0.75 to 0.80-carat emerald for your natural emerald ring.

 Natural Emerald Rings

  1. Shape

To decide on the emerald shape for a ring, you must first understand how emeralds are found in nature.

The majority of rough (uncut) emeralds are in a hexagonal cylindrical shape. Any cutter or emerald dealer’s goal is to reduce minimum waste and cut the gemstone efficiently. Because of the efficient cutting process, most emerald shapes are rectangular or square.

Other emerald shapes, such as round, pear, heart, marquise, and oval.  Fancy cut emeralds may cost more than standard rectangular or square shapes if all other factors such as colour, carat, and clarity are equal.

Oval shape is best for precious stones like emerald, other than that Princess-cut also provides a stunning look to rings with any colour gemstone less than 6mm in size. If you want something a little bigger, then you should go for a cushion or an emerald-cut, for rings.

  1. Cost

Price of Emeralds depends upon qualitative & quantitative factors. Both aspects are equally important. You can’t just look at the numbers and ignore the awe and wonder that comes with seeing a beautiful emerald.

The three primary quantitative factors that influence the price of emeralds.

  • Internal light reflection in emerald. It is necessary to have a gem with a vivid emerald green colour.
  • The larger the weight of Emerald, the higher its price will be.
  • Clarity, mainly the number of surface fissures. Greater the number of surface fissures lesser the price of the stone.
  1. Authenticity

As a buyer, you want to know that the emerald jewellery you bought is genuine and how authentic it is? To check the authenticity of your Emerald Ring, authenticity certificates will be issued by Chordia Jewels confirming the grade, colour and cut of the stone. Also, you can check some external factors such as company website, online reviews, and the people behind the business can also be considered.

If you still have some confusion then you can ask simple questions: –

  • How do I know if this emerald is genuine?
  • How do you handle returns? Is there a restocking charge?
  • Is your company registered?
  • What is the source of your emeralds?
  • Have you had your emeralds treated?

 Natural Emerald Rings


 Natural Emerald RingsWhy Chordia Jewels?

At Chordia Jewels, be prepared to get the finest natural emerald rings. Our main focus is to bring classic fine jewellery pieces to market with our cutting-edge technology, machinery, skilled craftsmen, and a team of experienced Jewellery designers. We are in the jewellery business for more than five decades. We are jewellers who bring raw materials directly from mines and transform them into beautiful finished jewellery products. Over the years we learned to be cost-effective from our decades of experiences. We then pass on this benefit to our customers.

Buying at Chordia Jewels is a seamless experience for all our customers. We ensure quality, on time delivery and above all a great Jewelry that can be carried in the generations for the years to come.