A Guide for Your First Time Strip Club Visit

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Thinking about going to a strip club for the first time can be both exciting and stressful because you don’t know what to expect. Because of this, here’s a guide you can use before you head to the strip club for your first visit.

Bring Enough Money

Going to a strip club means that you are going to spend some money. Only assume you can watch the dancers if you put a few dollars in their g-strings. While it is perfectly okay to look at them dancing without giving them any money, you will find that the girls are a lot more interactive with you if you give them at least a few dollars. So before heading to the strip club, you should have quite a few singles on hand so that you can save money when the fun is just getting started.

Dress Nicely

It’s not uncommon for many strip clubs to have a dress code. Because of this, you should dress appropriately. Las Vegas strippers¬†aren’t going to want to interact with you if you are wearing ratty clothes or look like you haven’t taken a shower. They are more likely to want to dance near you if you dress like you have money and care about your appearance. So if you are trying to decide what to wear, you can’t go wrong with wearing a pair of slacks, a collared shirt, or a sports coat.

Be Respectful

Just because you are at a strip club doesn’t mean anything goes. It would be best if you were respectful of the dancers at all times. This means you shouldn’t touch them, act rudely or fight with those around you. Only try to get their phone number or follow them around all night. If you do, there’s a good chance that you will get kicked out of the club and have to end your night early.

Don’t Be Afraid To Stare

Many first-timers feel embarrassed about staring at the dancers when they go to a strip club and often don’t enjoy themselves as much as they could. It would help if you remembered that the dancers are comfortable being on stage with barely any clothes on, and they want you to stare at them. If you aren’t looking at them or constantly dart your eyes away when they look at you, they could become offended and think that you don’t like how they look.

Research And Plan

Before heading to a strip club, check out the club’s website. Find out if they offer things like bottle service or table reservations. This is also a great place to find out their dress code and how much money you’ll need to pay for drinks. If you plan on drinking a bit while you are there, you should also have a plan in place for how you will get home. You don’t want to worry about trying to find a ride when you are tipsy.

Put Your Phone Down

No matter how much you like watching a particular dancer put on a show, it would be best if you never tried to take pictures or videos of them. Most strip clubs do have rules that forbid this type of behavior. If you are caught, they could confiscate your phone or kick you out of the club altogether. Some clubs won’t even allow patrons to take selfies, so it’s best to find out the rules for phones before you head to the strip club.

Bring Your Friends With You

You will have more fun at the strip club if you bring your friends with you. Many people are surprised that there is often downtime between dances, so you will have plenty of time to talk to your friends during the night. Make sure that all your friends are comfortable visiting a strip club and won’t want to leave right after they get there.

Strips clubs aren’t what they appear to be in television shows and movies. Those who don’t realize that are often astonished by what actually does occur when they visit one for the first time. By utilizing the tips mentioned above, you will be fully prepared and know what to expect before you head out for your inaugural visit to a strip club.