DIY Water Heater Installation: Everything You Need To Know

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Previously, when water heaters were first launched in the market, it was our primary responsibility to get in touch with a professional and get the water heater installed at our house. However, nowadays, people are more inclined to get their water heaters installed by themselves. They no longer want to invest extra money in getting a professional electrician.

But how exactly will you get the water heater installed at your home? What steps do you need to take while doing the same? Well, to help you with the same, we are here for you. We are going to provide you with some DIY Water Heater Installation tips that will help you to install the water heater all by yourself:

Determine the Location of the Installation

This is the first thing that you are required to do. It is really important for you to select the right spot for your water heater installation. Make sure that the water heater is installed around 160 cm above the bathroom floor. This is going to make it easier for you to use the machine.

Turn off the Circuit Breaker Before Installation:

You would want to maintain safety while installing the water heater. So, a better idea for you would be to ensure that all the electric circuits are broken. Only then should you start with the installation process. Otherwise, it can lead you to danger.

Make the Required Drillings:

Now, you will have to drill on the wall in order to fix the water heater. Make sure that the drilling is done in a proper way so that you can firmly attach the water heater to the wall.

Set the Wiring:

Now, it is time for you to set the wiring. The wiring is really crucial. So, you must make sure that the wiring is done properly. You should also use a proper circuit breaker for your water heater. The circuit breakers should also be installed away from the bathroom, so there is no chance of electric shocks.

Connect the Wires:

Once the wiring has been done, it is time for you to connect the wires in the right position. You can check the color of the wires and attach them accordingly. You can also go through the manual to know more about how you are going to connect the wires.

Assemble the Machine:

Now, you will have to assemble the different components of the machine. You will have to connect the hose to the body of the machines.

Well, finally, you are done with your DIY water heater installation. Now, you have to test whether the water heater is performing properly and you’re good to go. Also, to know more about DIY Water Heater Repairs, you may get in touch with us and we are going to provide you with all the details regarding the same.