Factors that Play an Important Role in Choosing an E-liquid?

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When you start vaping, it’s difficult to choose a good e-liquid. E-liquid is a liquid that is a mandatory part of the e-cigarette. The flavour is important. You can’t enjoy vaping if you don’t know about your favourite flavour.

If vaping is new to you, you need to use disposable vapes like elf bar 1500, and you can find different flavours by using them. E-liquid consists of a variety of flavours and has different nicotine strengths. If you want to choose an e-liquid, you need to care about three main things: Flavour, nicotine strength, and the ratio of VG/PG included.

If you are confused about choosing an e-liquid, this blog is for you. So, three factors play a significant role in selecting an e-liquid.

  • Nicotine Strength
  • The Flavour
  • The ratio of VG/PG
The Flavour:

 Flavour is the first and most important thing to consider when choosing the best e-liquid. If you are fond of vaping and, unfortunately, not using your favourite flavour, you will never enjoy vaping. You can find different flavours in e-liquid, and you have the freedom to choose the best flavour for you.

If vaping is new to you, you can choose a tobacco flavour because it will give more satisfaction to you in the early days. New vapers can use disposable vapes because it will be easy for new vapers due to the less complexity. If you are an alcoholic person, cocktail flavours like beer and wine are ideal.

 Nicotine Strength:

Nicotine strength is the 2nd most vital thing to consider for choosing the best e-liquid. You need to be aware of your capacity for nicotine consumption. Nicotine consumption is actually a nicotine strength.

Nicotine strength varies from person to person, if you are a light smoker, you can use 6mg/ml of nicotine, and disposable vapes will suit you.  If you smoke half and one packet of regular cigarettes, you should use 9mg to 16mg of nicotine in your vape. If you are a heavy smoker, 18mg to 36mg is suitable for you.

The Ratio of VG/PG:

E-liquid comprises two things: Vegetable Glycerol (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). If we talk about VG, we can say that VG has a sweet taste and strong vapours. If you put more PG in your vape, you will be unable to make dense clouds, but it will give you a good taste.

So, It depends on the person and what he wants in his vape. If you want to make dense clouds, you need to put the high VG in your vape, and if you are not fond of making clouds, you can put a high quantity of PG in your vape. You can use both non-disposable and disposable vapes, considering the ratio of VG and PG.


In conclusion, we can say that there is a need to take care of three things: Nicotine Strength, Flavour, and the ratio of VG/PG. By taking care of these things, you will get a good e-liquid and a good experience of vaping. If new vapers used disposable vapes, it would be good for them.

If the flavour, nicotine strength, and ratio of VG/PG are perfect in your vape, you will enjoy the best vaping experience. Additionally, don’t forget to only consider the best online vape shop in the UK because it will not take any extra effort except placing your order by choosing your favourite product. Hopefully, you find this blog helpful!