Four Things to Consider While Choosing Retirement Villages in Sydney

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It can be estimated that there will be an increase in the retired population by 45.9 per cent in Sydney by 2026. With Sydney growing older, the demand for retirement villages has increased considerably. These villages offer accommodation for the elderly with a wide range of practical and lifestyle benefits. It develops a sense of community and security, making them enjoy post-retirement life.

If you think that maintaining your family home has become a struggle and it no longer suits your needs and lifestyle, you can look at retirement villages in Sydney. The selection of the proper retirement village will ensure you get the same old homely feeling and be together with your partner. In addition, you may receive 24/7 care and derive all the benefits of government-funded support. However, choosing the correct retirement village involves consideration of various factors. Below are some points jotted down to help you with your search.


Selecting the location is one of the most vital factors to consider as you might want to stay near your community or your grandchildren. A total change of scenery could also be your preference. So, you must take a mental note of what you want close to your location, like medical shops, public transport, and shopping centres. Also, think about the convenience of location if you’re going to catch up with friends for dinner or spend a day golfing on a nearby course.

Customisable care

The needs and preferences of each individual are unique. Hence, when looking for retirement villages in Sydney, you should consider one that can customise care plans per your requirements. About 20 per cent of Sydney’s population comprises people over 60 years, and hence, there is a need for advanced care and treatment for a large section of these people. The accommodation should have everything for individuals with no care needs to those requiring low, medium, or high levels of care. It should also help you secure funding when necessary.


The use of technology can have significant benefits in increasing the levels of security and providing care to the elderly in retirement villages. So, check thoroughly if the retirement village has emergency call systems and easy accessibility for extra support.

You should also look into the home’s layout to ensure the doors have enough width and the corners are not tight, causing hindrances while using walking frames or wheelchairs. You can also make modifications in living if you are over 65 and receive ACAT approval to access home care packages that cover the costs of ramps and rails and other services like physio, meal preparation, shopping assistance, cleaning, and transportation.


You must have access to the community facilities like the cafe, gym, pool, hairdresser, community bus, and barbeque area. Don’t forget the activities calendar so that you can engage with your neighbours and form friendships and enjoy social activities like village events, games, watching movies, engaging in art and crafts, and going on planned outings. In addition, the retirement villages in Sydney may also offer special interest facilities like tennis and golf courts to savour every bit of your retired life.

Living in retirement villages can eliminate all your worries and help you live a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable life. So, go through the above factors and make the right move.