From Separation to Final Judgment: How Jensen Family Law Can Help You

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Although the failure of a relationship can be painful, it can mark the opening of a new chapter, an opportunity to rewrite your script – if we may. If you live in Scottsdale, AZ, the Jensen Family Law team can support you at every stage of the separation process. You can see this here for details about how their 30+ years of legal experience can benefit you.

Jensen Law provides professional yet compassionate guidance and understanding during the difficult time of separating from your partner. Here’s how the firm’s legal team can assist you:

  1. Drafting Agreements

Following the separation, both parties need binding legal contracts to ensure they fulfill their responsibilities to each other and their children. Without these, separation can be drawn out and often becomes contentious. Jensen’s lawyers can draw up legally-binding agreements such as settlement agreements and parenting plans.

They can also help you prepare agreements for spousal and child support payments, custody provisions, annulments, and more. The legal team also reviews each document before it’s signed to ensure fairness – protecting each party’s rights. They also check to ensure only enforceable terms are included in the agreement.

  1. Negotiation and Mediation

The Jensen team is adept at negotiating an equitable outcome for both parties. Their lawyers can help you reach an amicable and satisfactory agreement.

Similarly, they provide clarifications during negotiations, helping you get a reasonable and lasting outcome. If required, they can also arrange mediation services to help you reach an agreement without needing a court hearing. The idea is to streamline the separation process so both parties come out as winners.

Whether you need to resolve an issue relating to visitation rights or parental responsibility, Jensen Law is available to facilitate the process. Their legal team understands the importance of this transition and is committed to finding peaceful solutions.

  1. Professional Legal Advice

During a separation, it’s easy to succumb to stress and make hasty decisions. With a Jensen lawyer, you can get the clarity you need before charting the way forward. The team provides legal advice and shares their opinion on how to proceed with your case, among other issues.

And should you have reservations, they can help clear your doubts. After all, the main goal is to ensure you emerge from the proceedings in better shape than before.

  1. Order Enforcement

If either party fails to comply with a court order’s terms, Jensen’s legal team can help you enforce it. For instance, the team can petition the court to issue a ruling if the non-custodial parent fails to honor their child support payments.

Similarly, if you’re not getting spousal support per the agreement, a Jensen Family attorney can file a submission to enforce it. This may involve using a contempt citation to compel the other party to comply with the order. Or, if need be, the team can arrange for an enforcement court hearing.

  1. Protecting Your Rights

The decision to separate is often a difficult one. And in the heat of the moment, it’s easy to make the wrong decisions that could have long-term consequences. Besides, you might not know your legal options, which could leave you vulnerable. What’s more, the other party may disregard your rights in the process and get away with it – if you’re not in the know.

Fortunately, Jensen’s family lawyers comprehend the ins and outs of the entire process. As such, they can fill you in on your rights and options, including the potential consequences of either party’s actions. Moreover, they’re in your corner throughout the process to ensure all your interests are upheld and your rights protected.

  1. Divorce Trial

If negotiations or other channels fail to yield a resolution, then Jensen’s lawyers can work with you to prepare the court case. And to support your cause, they can gather evidence, call witnesses, or present arguments. The team also provides legal representation throughout the court hearing to obtain a fair outcome. And if necessary, they can represent you in an appeal.

What’s more, they can help you plan for life after the finalization of divorce so you can emerge victorious in the coming chapter of life. For instance, they can help you draw up a budget – making it easier to understand your financial obligations, so you can create an action plan for the future.

If the stakes are high and you need all the help you can get, the professional team at Jensen has your back. Their knowledge of the law and advocacy can put your mind at ease, allowing you to make the right decisions. Besides, they can work toward a favorable case outcome.

With Jensen Family Law on your side, you have access to comprehensive legal services from initial separation until the court issues the final judgment. By having a team that understands the complexities of such cases, you can march on confidently. What’s more, they can reduce the stress associated with the process, making it easier for you to craft the future you desire.