How To Start Earning Money Through Games

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We can all agree that we all had a childhood dream of playing video games for a living. And that dream could have been revived after seeing the recent surge of ads displaying “games that pay real money”. Most of us are generally skeptical of these games. But after doing our research into them, it’s safe to say that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

We’ll save you some time and tell you that, yes, these games do indeed increase your bank account balance. But hold your horses; while it may sound easy, you want to stick around to the end of this guide if you wish to maximize your earnings through gaming.

Here are some choices, advice on deciding if they’re suitable for you, and how to get started.

There’s more than one way to earn through gaming!

It is possible to make money playing video games in the modern world. But in reality, doing so requires a lot of effort.

Despite how wonderful it would be, no one will likely pay you any real money to sit around playing video games all day. If you know how the world works, then you know that there must be something in it for them as well. In general, there are various ways for gamers to earn money:

•       Take advantage of advertising or sign-up offers

Wherever potential buyers are, advertisers are willing to pay to reach them. Your television, your Social Media News Feed, and the sponsored advertisements in the games you play.

Some apps will give you a share of the price they charge these advertisers, which can amount to a few more dollars in your pocket every month.

Apart from that, sometimes they’ll give you a cash bonus—anywhere between $0.50 and $10—just to download an app (to turn you into a frequent user).

  • Collect achievement awards

If a player completes a level or unlocks a feature in a certain game, they may be rewarded with money or anything that can be exchanged for money, such as gift cards.

Usually, the harder the game, level, or achievement to unlock, the higher the reward value. So it comes down to earning more the longer you play.

•       Win competitions

Participate in competitions or giveaways to be eligible for a chance at a grand prize or a share of a prize pool. You get the idea: quizzes, drawings for free stuff, and so on.

•       Play chance-based games

There are numerous chances to test your luck and win cash prizes, including lotteries, sweepstakes, digital slots, and games like blackjack. Casino-style games that pay users with real money are allowed in many countries.

•       Play skill-based games

Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and others are just a few of the many franchises where millions (yes, MILLIONS each tournament) in annual tournament prize pools are distributed.

•       Start a business around gaming

Tapping into blogging, vlogging, streaming, and sponsorships have proven highly profitable.  Though it is more challenging and time-consuming, the earning potential is far higher.

The popular and successful earn more than $500,000 each month. Just look at Ninja, the famous Fortnite streamer; he’s a great example.

•       Any other career in gaming

Game testers, game designers, and game writers; all titles are used to describe a few gaming-related jobs.

You can still make extra pocket money even if your goal isn’t to play video games all day. By just playing actual money-earning games in your spare time, you will surely be able to earn enough money every month to purchase one (or more) new games and equipment upgrades.

Apps That Provide Gamers with Real Money Earnings

Although many online games only allow you to earn in-game currency or credits, many others offer the opportunity to play games for real money. These games typically pay you to view ads between rounds or do other small tasks.

If making a career out of professional gaming sounds like too much work, then this type of gaming revenue earning is perfect for you. Enjoy casual gaming and make money on the side; what’s better than that?

1.       Mistplay

Mistplay has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for gamers to make money through gaming. Android users can download this app through the Google Play store and take advantage of this fun gaming loyalty platform. IOS users on the other hand will have to be on a waitlist.

This specific app is awesome because it simply generates passive income. Download Mistplay right now and start playing all-time favorite games like Super Mario Run, Candy Crush, Pokémon Go, Chess, Solitaire, you name it!

You play the same games on your phone as usual, but this time you gain points that you can exchange for gift cards from online retailers like Amazon or iTunes or your favorite video game retailers like Xbox and Nintendo.

2.       InboxDollars

InboxDollars is much more than just a gaming platform. Being a market research company, it offers users the chance to give feedback on the games they play, their shopping experiences, and their behaviors. And in return for sharing their opinions, users get the opportunity to make real money.

Popular Brands pay InboxDollars to survey their users to find out how they feel about the game and how it can be improved. InboxDollars then takes a portion of that money and distributes it to the users for their feedback.

By the way, surveys aren’t the only ways to make money here; members of InboxDollars get access to many games and can earn money for reaching higher levels and completing certain achievements.

Various GSN games, including Poker, Casino, Wheel of Fortune, and others, let you participate in cash tournaments, get cash back, or win cash rewards. Additionally, just for opening an account with InboxDollars, you’ll instantly receive a free $5.

3.       SwagBucks

Casual gamers have the option to earn real money while playing games, thanks to Swagbucks. It’s simple to sign up for these games, which are highly entertaining and easy to play.

A free $10 sign-up bonus is also offered to new Swagbucks members.

Three different ways will let you start earning SB (in-game currency, aka SwagBucks) toward gift cards after you download the app and confirm your email address:

  • First, by installing a game to instantly earn SBs and leveling up through it to earn even more. You will earn SBs, which you can exchange for real money. For perspective, 500-5000 SB are worth $0.50 – $50.
  • Playing your favorite game for free and automatically collecting SBs
  • Get CashBack when you make an in-game purchase whenever you want


If you didn’t know you could earn passive income through gaming, now you do! Earning a high income through professional gaming is attractive but challenging. Why not begin small by trying out these platforms that pay to enjoy gaming? Try out these top platforms and find out for yourself.