Netbasequid – Consumer And Market Intelligence Platform

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NetBaseQuid is a platform for getting timely, relevant market intelligence through social media and other publically available channels. The NetBaseQuid interface offers easy access to twitter graphs, Facebook timelines, Instagram galleries, and more – all with a simple click of your mouse. It also allows sorting by different criteria, such as country, product category, or hashtag. As well as this, it has an extensive knowledge base where those in need of help can find answers quickly and efficiently.

1. Early Life

NetBaseQuid was born in 1987 in the garage of the Quid family home. It was initially used to keep up to date on the latest TV programs. Soon after its creation, it became apparent that there was a bigger market for this technology, and it grew from a small family business into a multi-million-pound enterprise. The company has changed hands many times over the years, and it is now owned by a large corporation that also holds many similar businesses.

Therefore, for new owners, this is an excellent way to leverage their existing resources and capital. The company has always enjoyed a large following on the Internet with its large website and active user base. Its Twitter timeline also develops a high level of interest, as do its Facebook pages. Also, because of social media, it has a large online following and is relatively easy to market. All these factors point towards it being a good investment opportunity. The management wants to put their money where their mouth is and invest in this specific industry niche to gain an immediate return on their hard work.

2. Career

After many years in the family business, Terry Quid took on a position as Marketing Manager with the company. It was then that NetBaseQuid became involved in the online marketing world. The team developed its knowledge base, entered new markets, and created unique products, including a smartphone app for researching products within Japan.

While employed within the multi-million-pound corporation, Terry drew upon his marketing background to help with their social media campaigns. It was interesting to see how he could use this knowledge to impact Twitter and other platforms. He began to learn more about digital marketing and saw how much money his company was losing when they chose not to invest in ‘blue chip’ social media accounts. This gave him a good reason for leaving the company. As well as this, it left a huge skills gap that had been years in the making. This was where the idea for NetBaseQuid came about.

Then the drug launch has a global economic situation in popularity, and the new launch has been out of drug sales discontinuation by the public and demand for the drugs, but also for its contribution to the drug manufacturers to achieve market share during the sales period. This is where Terry saw a gap in the market. He was keen to create a social media platform that aimed at those within his own company and businesses like his old one.

3. Achievements

The drug launch was a success, and Terry was on his way to creating a multi-skilled team of digital marketers. As well as this, their site had received a lot of attention and was becoming increasingly popular. The investors were beginning to get interested, taking note of its increasing value. Many new marketing techniques were used to promote the site and gain links from high-ranking sites such as Wikipedia. This helped with their SEO rankings and saw an influx of visitors searching for information relevant only to the medical world.

NetBaseQuid received thousands of visitors every day and was a success in the booming market of social marketing. The search engine optimization (SEO) campaign was so successful that NetBaseQuid received much attention from large companies such as Pfizer and Myriad Genetics. Terry’s idea came to fruition, and they gained much business. The team used their experience to attract the interest of big investors by cultivating an online presence. This saw the website become more popular thanks to its regularly updated content, high-quality material, and guidelines for the public, all designed with their clients in mind.

To succeed, the NetBaseQuid team needed more people to join the group. The NetBaseQuid website was proving to be a successful venture, and they were intent on using this success to get more customers and make money. However, they needed more people who could provide the necessary skills that would assist with the company’s future.