Received A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)? Know What To Do

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Imagine you have got your dream job in your dream company, and out of the blue, your employer comes out and hands you a Performance Improvement Plan or PIP. Receiving a PIP can feel like a kick to the gut, especially when you do not see it coming. However, in most cases, it is not a surprise and usually comes after an employee has been struggling at their job for a while. 

If you are faced with a PIP, you do not have to welcome it with a negative attitude. You can see this as an opportunity for growth. If you follow the PIP thoroughly and improve yourself, you could triumph in your career. Some PIPs also include strategies for finding your dream job if the previous work was not working out for you too well. You can consult with an employment attorney and get legal advice

What to do when you receive a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

  • Have a positive attitude. 

Having a positive attitude while working on your performance improvement plan will help you create good habits and achieve your goals more easily. If you start your PIP with a positive mindset, it shows your employer that you are following their instructions seriously and taking a constructive approach. 

  • Do not panic. 

You might respond with panic when you are put in a PIP for the first time. You might be worried about disappointing people or losing your job. However, you need to relax and focus on what you need to do next. It becomes important for you to react in a professional manner and avoid panicking. Getting on a PIP does not mean you are going to lose your job; instead, it means that the company wants to help you improve and do better. 

  • Ask for help. 

Do not be shy to ask your manager for help if you are put on a PIP. There might be certain areas where you are likely to be less experienced and knowledgeable. It is time to approach your colleagues, mentors, or manager for guidance and advice. Getting on a PIP makes ways for your improvement. Ask your boss for feedback or set up regular check-ins with your manager. This will show your seriousness and dedication to improving. 

  • Request extra time. 

Your employer may provide you with a deadline for the PIP. However, you can request them to get additional time and extend the deadline. It will help you to achieve the goals and objectives your boss has put into place. You will have more time to improve and fulfill your performance improvement plan.