Redfinger | Tips for MU Origin 3 ASIA Players to Choose Class Tier

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If you’re a player of MU Origin 3 ASIA and are looking to choose a class tier to start your journey in the game, this guide can provide you with tips and tricks to help you make an informed decision.

First of all, it’s important to note that MU Origin 3 ASIA allows players to create multiple characters on different servers, but only one character can be used at a time. The game features three classes: Swordsman, Mage, and Archer, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

Swordsman Class

The Swordsman class is a melee class that uses a sword as its weapon. This class is ideal for players who want to be a solid tank or semi-tank in battles. Since there is no dedicated tank class in the game, Swordsman must tank damage and cover high-value targets such as Archer or Mage. It’s important to note that the Swordsman class is gender locked and can only be male.

Mage Class

The Mage class is a short-mid ranged class that uses a Wand to deal magical damage to enemies. This class acts as a supporter and can provide buffs for the team and debuffs for the enemies. The Mage class is perfect for players who want to deal a good amount of damage and crowd-control enemies from a safe distance.

Archer Class

The Archer class is a long-ranged class that uses a bow and arrow to deal physical damage to enemies. This class has the highest range among all classes in MU Origin 3 ASIA. The Archer’s long-range attacks and high movement speed make them ideal for running away from enemy damage threats. However, the Archer class is vulnerable to attacks and has low base defensive stats.

When choosing a class in MU Origin 3 ASIA, it’s essential to consider your playstyle and preferences. If you prefer to be on the front lines and tank damage, the Swordsman class is an excellent choice. If you enjoy dealing magical damage and providing support to your team, the Mage class is perfect. Lastly, if you prefer to attack from a distance and deal high damage but have low defense, the Archer class is ideal.

To download and play MU Origin 3 ASIA on Redfinger, follow these steps:

》Search for “Redfinger” on Google Play or visit the official website and use the app via browser.

》Complete the sign-in steps to access the Redfinger cloud smartphone.

》Look for MU Origin 3 ASIA in the search bar in the Redfinger APP Store.

》Download and install the game in Redfinger.

》Run the game and enjoy your journey in the world of MU Origin 3 ASIA.