Sealing Quartz or Granite Kitchen Countertops is Easier Than You Think

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If you are looking at new countertops for your Morehead City property, you might have hesitated to select granite or quartz because they need sealing. If you think that must be difficult or time-consuming, you would be wrong. Maintaining these beautiful and stunning surfaces is just as easy as caring for your old counters.

Why Do Granite Countertops Need Sealant?

While granite and other types of stone feel pretty solid to the touch, they are actually porous. Water, oil, and other liquids can penetrate its polished surface, leading to stains.

Sealant creates a water-resistant surface that stops liquids from getting into the stone. It will wear off over time, which means it must be reapplied once or twice a year.

5 Quick Steps to Seal Your Stone Countertops

Sealing all your counters takes less than an hour to apply the liquid. Drying times for sealants vary from a couple of hours to an entire day.

  1. Clear your countertops
  2. Clean them with mild dish soap
  3. Once dry, use a soft cloth to wipe a thin layer of stone sealant over the entire surface.
  4. Leave the counter to dry following the manufacturer’s directions.
  5. Use your counters as usual.

Letting the sealant fully cure creates a durable clear barrier that resists scratches.

Do Quartz Countertops Need Sealing, too?

Since quartz is manufactured out of stone dust and aggregate, it is much like granite in that it can absorb oils and liquids. Applying sealant to quartz ensures that your new kitchen countertops will retain their like-new look for the next 20 years.

Daily Cleaning Routines Help to Maintain the Seal

The best way to avoid staining your counters is to wipe up any spills immediately since both granite and quartz have a natural water-resistant surface. It is when liquids are left to sit that the damage can happen.

You only need mild dish soap to wash down your countertops. There are some neutral-pH cleaners available that include a diluted sealant that is designed to be applied on a daily basis. These can help keep your sealant stay in peak condition and limit the need for a full sealant application.

Another tip to help maintain the seal is to use cutting boards and trivets. While a granite countertop is more likely to dull a knife, it can collect minor scratches when used to chop veggies. Trivets will stop the bottom of steel pots from dulling the polish on your countertop.

Find the Best Countertops Available in Morehead City at Onslow Stoneworks

Now that you know that caring for granite or quartz countertops is simple and easy, it’s time to find the slab that will perfectly complete your kitchen renovation. Onslow Stoneworks‘ showroom is located right here in town and offers complete service including design, fabrication, and installation. Give us a ring, and we will answer any questions you may have about your custom countertop project.