Top 5 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss Into Your Trip To Denver

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Simply searching on internet, finding the places you should visit in Denver? Read this till the end and you wouldn’t require to visit any other website to find the solution. Waking up to the sunrise of Denver ~The Mile high City calls you in for adventure.

Denver has an array of tourist attractions, suitable for every age group. Here are some of the Denver Attractions curated down for you.

  • Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol is one the Architectural beauty. This is one place, you should visit when you are in Denver or your trip is incomplete. Failing to visit the West Entrance means failing to see the marvelous engraving of, ‘ One Mile Above Sea Level’.

  • Washington Park

165 acres of lush green and blue beauty is one of the outdoor activities in Washington park to do in Denver. It is connected with several trails, it consists of a running path, a tennis court, lawn bowling, swimming pools, and a soccer arena.

  • City Park

If you enjoy nature just as I do, this place is perfect for you. With City park, you also cover the Famous places like Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This park has a lot more to do like water fountains, tennis courts, etc. It is also best for picnicking.

  • Larimar Square

Do you enjoy shopping? Are you one of those who looks for great discounts and prices? This place should not come off your itinerary. It provides you with the best contemporary shopping experience with some great discounts. At Larimar Square, you can enjoy your nightlife or have some delicious food in their café.

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre

To witness a breathtaking mountain view and enjoy the peaceful lake, you should keep this place on the top. Not only that, you can enjoy the music or live performances that happen to Red Rocks Amphitheater. The acoustic ambience would make you fall in love for Amphitheater.  You can also hunt for fossils at this location.

Why Is It Recommended To Have a Tourist Guide?

It is highly recommended to have a tourist guide in Denver because there are a lot of places you would not know that the local guides would know. The add on benefit to the guide is, they will provide you with the clean and hygienic transportation vehicle in the same cost. Little knowledge about the places is vital, which they can provide being the locals there. A local guide can picture you a perfect trip with their source knowledge.

In modern world, the most expense that is incurred is from the travelling, with a guide you will have access to the vehicle until all the spots you selected are covered.

Explore tours provide one of the best and segregated packages for daily tours and private tours. With Local guide like them you can enjoy most of the attractions. Find their packages on the website and start planning a trip you would remember.