Top games of Last Year

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With the release of titles like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Resident Evil 7, Nier: Automata, and Assassin’s Creed Origins, 2022 could have been the finest year for new video games since 2017. Yet, a number of notable disappointments have lowered hopes for this year. Despite the challenges, more than 60 games have been released in 2022. These are several games released this year that you should absolutely play before the end of 2022. If you’re serious about gaming, make sure to check out SpinGenie.Ca for some of the best gaming mouse recomendations. 

NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 is the culmination of a 20-year-old ambition maintained by Visual Concepts’ seasoned developers: to allow gamers to rewrite history and experience their beloved organization as it was in bygone periods. It sets a new standard for sports game developers, who had previously presented their league’s history in just the most rudimentary and certainly not as immersive a manner as the MyNBA Eras feature. The amount of flexibility allowed to players is more characteristic of a PC management simulation than a licensed console game; for example, players can opt to ignore that an expansion club entered the league in 1988 or that Karl Malone won the MVP award in 1997.


Consider this: instead of Nintendo in the early 2000s, Pikmin was created by Rare in the late 1990s. It’s a scavenger hunt in the style of Banjo-Kazooie, although the gameplay is more closer to Overlord or even Pikmin. You must scavenge a human home for resources to create a rocket ship as a little insect. Does any of it sound familiar? Despite its similar themes, Tinykin’s slick execution and beautiful visual style make it a joy to play. Tinykin are the small animals you control, and they have particular skills that help you solve the game’s puzzles. The wonderful thing about Tinykin is that you won’t have to battle anyone. The only thing you’re attempting to accomplish in this vast universe is find things. As a consequence, we obtain the


Disney Dreamlight Valley’s 2022 pitch is maybe the most cynical in video game marketing: Put your favorite cartoon characters in control of the town and hire a huge mobile game publisher to add microtransactions, and you’ve got yourself a new take on Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. If that’s the case, why do we keep working so hard in the mines, fish farms, and fields to ensure Mickey and his pals are constantly happy? It’s as simple as that: The creation of this game was evidently done with great care. A full-fledged role-playing experience, playable on platforms; or another dumb smartphone game. While we may have anticipated the game to zig in the direction of predatory greed, it instead zags in the direction of intelligent design and generous updates. Dreamlight Valley includes a number of improvements designed to improve the Animal Crossing experience.


There are other games that let you run a business, but none of them seem as real as F1 Management 22. It’s been over two decades since an official F1 Management game was launched, but owing to the Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo series, the wait was well worth it. F1 Manager 22 is a fantastic example of management simulations’ subtle yet powerful strength, with sophisticated features for data geeks, effective guard rails for gamers new to the genre and sport, and incredible visual and audio immersion (down to actual radio conversations from real drivers and engineers). The courses, teams, and systems have been created with great care, and I hope you’ll join me in spending a lot of time with them.


Rollerdrome is a totalitarian dictatorship-themed arena shooter played on roller skates. Several individuals have referred to it as “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with weapons.” Whatever you call it, I’m here to tell you that shooting a grenade launcher while landing a backflip with a complete spin is a lot of fun. Kara Hassan, our eight-wheeled protagonist, is the newest subject of a blood-sport reality show in which skateboarders are placed in arenas outfitted with ramps, towers, and armed security officers. You perform acrobatics to acquire more bullets, then use those bullets to eliminate more enemies before unwinding in the resulting open space.


Cult of the Lamb stands out in a year with a lot of great management simulations because it has an unusual mix of roguelite dungeon-crawling, religious uncertainty, and a childish look that lets you commit horrible crimes. Looking at the regulations, it appears to be one of those games that would not work. In actuality, its powerful drive becomes clear. To avenge the four gods that killed you, you must build, improve, and lead a cult deep in the woods as a lamb raised from the dead by a prisoner demon-spirit-thing. Crops are planted, food is prepared, followers are blessed in the hopes of obtaining perfect devotion, and occasionally adherents are sacrificed in heroic acts of violence. In the midst of it all, you lead war expeditions into the wilderness in quest of additional cult members, talents, and other advantages. The game provides an ouroboros-like cycle of roguelite excitement and zen-like village management to depict the type of leader you would reportedly become if given total control.


You’re a bear exploring a forested region when you stumble upon some collapsing constructions. What other options do you have? You decide to start a B&B for human visitors. This is the gist of Gummy Cat’s debut game, Bear and Breakfast, a hybrid of an adventure game and a management simulator. The resort’s expansion, like that of Theme Hospital and Stardew Valley, unveils a secret tale set in the woods. Bear and Breakfast was always there when I wanted a peaceful and entertaining game to play.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 deserves to be praised for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s a terrific conclusion to an unexpected trilogy of RPGs, all of which have been lauded for their ambition and passion. It’s also a satisfying stand-alone adventure for those worried about time commitments; it’s a melancholy reflection on finding meaning in the worst of situations. Most importantly, it is the fulfillment of Tetsuya Takahashi’s longstanding dream to create a vast, philosophical science-fiction tale, which he originally tried with Xenogears in 1998. It’s fantastic that we get to participate in this game.


BlueTwelve Studio did a great job of capturing the spirit of our most mysterious family of pets. The developer’s ability to mix cat humor into a sad trip set in a busy city that has been forgotten for a long time is amazing. Stray’s protagonist may have been anyone. Then it takes off with the year’s biggest tabby breakout star. Stray is mostly a platformer with some puzzle-solving and exploring elements. There are dangerous moments, such as when swarms of invading Zurks chase the main character’s cat down narrow alleyways and across treacherous roofs. And the cat can die, but only in the sense that, as in a video game, it will be reborn after a few minutes. The game’s main focus, however, is on acting like a friendly, helpful cat to the trapped androids who are urgently attempting to escape their neon prison. Despite the fact that the game’s mechanics include scratching carpets, knocking over boxes, and damaging furniture, this is not the case.


Elden Ring is the first game that really captures the magic of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s open world. This game came out in 2017. It’s exactly the kind of game we’ve come to expect from From Software, with a setting so huge that mastering it will take years. The open-world concept of the game, on the other hand, changes a lot of the harshness of the previous games. It doesn’t make the game easier, but it does reward steady growth over sudden bursts of energy. It’s not unusual to spend a day exploring a remote part of the world and then go back to a previous job as a completely different character with better skills and more knowledge.