Top Tricks That Healthcare Marketing Companies Use To Aquire More Patients Using Social Media » TechTanker

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We live in an age where social media dominates our lives. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements that range from impractical, to give up and die, to just plain bizarre. It is human nature to be curious about what the next big thing is going to be. If a company is able to capture our attention with an advertisement, then they have a better chance of getting us to buy their product. Social media is one of the most effective ways for companies to create a name for themselves and acquire more customers. Socialgerg can grow your social media profile and develop your social growth. Healthcare marketing companies have realized this and are using social media as a way of advertising their services in order to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Top Tricks That Healthcare Marketing Companies Use To Aquire More Patients Using Social Media » TechTanker

The expectation of better services and quick responses make healthcare providers use different social media platforms to stay ahead in the highly competitive market.

Apart from this, the popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn also help them stay connected with the patients.

Thus, they build up a strong bonding, which is not always solely based on the health issue. Social media bridges the gap between doctors, hospitals, and patients, which is not effectively possible otherwise.


1 7 Tricks For Healthcare Marketing Companies To Gain A Following On Social Media

1.1 1. Try Different Plans According To The User Base

1.2 2. Response To The Patients’ Queries

1.3 3. Provide Health Information

1.4 4. Create Social Media Campaigns To Increase Brand Awareness

1.5 5. Reputation Management

1.6 6. Create Authentic Relationships With Your Patients

1.7 7. SEO For Social Media

2 Conclusion

7 Tricks For Healthcare Marketing Companies To Gain A Following On Social Media

Given below are some impactful tips and tricks to guide healthcare professionals to make the most of these digital platforms for improving their services by reaching out to their patients within a short time –

  1. Try Different Plans According To The User Base

Although we are discussing various social media here, keep in mind that there is a basic difference between the demographics and interests of the people active on Facebook or Twitter from that on LinkedIn.

To get attention from each platform, you have to create different marketing strategies. It is better to employ healthcare marketing companies to create separate Ads, campaigns, and videos suitable for the selected social media platforms.

Hire some professional marketing companies like InVideo who are specialized in social media marketing. Marketing plays a vital role in increasing the business of the company.

Hence it is completely worth investing in a marketing company such that the returns you’d receive become satisfying. To know more about healthcare marketing read this guide.

  1. Response To The Patients’ Queries

Use social media to reply to the queries, suggestions, or complaints to the patients promptly. You can create online forums where healthcare professionals and other patients can also help each other.

Let’s assume any user wants to know the consultation date and time and how to book an appointment with a particular doctor. In this certain case, other patients of the same doctor can guide them.

On a particular thread, the doctors and patients can communicate about any specific ailment too.

  1. Provide Health Information

As a responsible member of healthcare fraternity, you can share a list of things on the social platforms:

Medical tips regarding some common ailments

Foods to be consumed to keep some common seasonal ailments at bay

Some details of medical procedures through social media

Essential information related to some drugs

You can make it more engaging by using powerful imagery, YouTube videos, infographics on Pinterest, Flickr, or Facebook. Share the links of your posts on the online platforms. You can also use Quora or Yahoo! Answers to reply to a particular query.

Instagram marketing strategies have become immensely popular as they are beneficial to reach out to your target audience. Read some best Instagram marketing here.

Google+ can help you to build up an online community where the doctors and patients can interact through Hangout sessions on webinars and one to one chats.

Along with the patients, the junior doctors will also get benefitted from the medical content posted by an experienced professional.

For instance, if a renowned surgeon performs a knee surgery, makes a video of that for YouTube, and shares the links on different social media, the junior surgeons will be gainers watching that.

  1. Create Social Media Campaigns To Increase Brand Awareness

So many exciting trends are there in the online platforms. You can grab them to reach out to a broader audience and spread brand awareness. You can go for some general health-related quizzes on #Hashtag campaigns, contests and highlight your brand name in the hashtag.

People will participate and will become aware of your brand. You can also use the name of popular products or newly launched products in your questions to let the participants know more about its usage and precautions.

Contests and quizzes are an awesome strategy to pull customers’ attention. For the winners or high scorers, you can offer a discount on the purchase of your products.

And this will be a game-changer anytime because you will probably never find anyone who doesn’t want some extra discount on their purchase.

  1. Reputation Management

No doubt that social media marketing plays a key role in building an online reputation and recognition for your brand. It is not you who always has to take the initiative for your products.

The patients who have used it and benefitted will also suggest others who have similar symptoms. The positive words from the patients work like magic for others.

Positive reviews are the greatest testimonials for your brand and products. The impact of genuine positive feedback will be beyond your imagination.

Are you a representative of a hospital, medicine brand, health insurance company, or medical equipment company? You can share the customer’s comments on social media platforms to establish trust. It is exceptionally crucial to expanding your business.

  1. Create Authentic Relationships With Your Patients

Don’t always focus on the generation of new leads. Social media marketing also includes maintaining a healthy relationship with users and building patient loyalty.

This, in turn, works in your favour. The happy and satisfied customers will talk about your product and service, and this will help to expand your customer base, which is your ultimate objective.

  1. SEO For Social Media

People tend to go to Google or social media like Facebook, Twitter when they need to find the business profiles of health insurance companies, hospitals, or doctors.

When they need the reviews, pros, and cons of a certain brand, they prefer Quora, Yahoo! Answers, or YouTube as there will be several comments.

If you want your profile details and related content to appear on the top results, don’t forget to make your content search engine optimized (SEO). Also, provide a link to your website from these social media accounts to get the traffic directly.


Social media has almost become like an addiction, so you won’t find a better way to interact with your potential customers on the internet. Utilize the capabilities of these powerful media to connect with the relevant people. Create engaging content in every form of advertisement