5 Amazing Qualities Of Top-Notch Yet Cheap Dressers

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Looking for a good dresser that fits your room might be fun. There are many different kinds of high-quality dressers to suit any room. Quality dressers will be available in a range of wood finishes and colors, making it simple to select one that complements the furnishings in your room.

The substance the dresser is made of, the size or type of dresser, and the amount of storage are some essential features to check for when purchasing a quality dresser. You may be sure that the dresser will last for many years due to its sturdy construction. Discover the outstanding qualities to consider before buying top-notch cheap dressers.

  1. Strength And Stability

The kind of material does significantly while shopping for a high-quality dresser. Dressers will survive more prolonged because of the strength and stability of various wood varieties. The dresser will be able to have a more robust structure with the addition of embellishments. Dressers made of durable wood types are ideal, including:

  • Maple
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  1. Dresser’s Construction

How the dresser is constructed is another crucial consideration when shopping for a high-quality yet cheap dresser. The following are some sections of the dressers you would not think to check out:

  • Rear Panel

A dresser’s back panel faces the wall and is rarely noticed. However, back panels that have the appearance of being surrounded by edging will be more durable. Some dressers could have more durable backings and are attached with screws or nails. Although this kind of backing is not always harmful, it might not give the dresser as much strength.

  • Drawers

Dressers’ drawers should also have their quality examined. However, it also includes the interior of the drawer, not simply the front panels and what is visible from the exterior. Drawers from a high-end dresser should have complete wooden bottoms. Dresser drawers with wooden bottoms won’t have to worry about collapsing under the weight of large goods.

  1. Durable & Quality Wood

Make sure the wood is kiln-dried before choosing a dresser made of wood. This indicates that the wood has been completely dried to increase its strength. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) shouldn’t be utilized anywhere.

  1. Go With The Grain

Make sure the wood grain on the dresser’s identical pieces matches. The dresser’s traditional elements should have uniform wood grain, and the grain should all be moving in the same direction. There shouldn’t be any drips or unevenness in the wood stain. Don’t simply check at eye level—check everywhere.

  1. Availability Of Storage Space

The required storage space may also influence your choice of a high-quality dresser. The various brands and sizes you are considering will affect how many drawers are fitted in each dresser.

If additional storage is required, combination dressers are an excellent option. Specific models have what appears to be a larger drawer, but when the drawer or door is opened, it might reveal a shelf.


Your preference for a quality dresser will depend on the items you need to furnish your room. Higher quality wood will improve the quality of the dresser of your choice since some types of wood provide the dresser with more support and stability. When selecting a high-quality cheap dresser, determining the size to meet your area and any additional storage space are crucial considerations.

What distinguishes a high-quality dresser?

Materials and craftsmanship are two things. The cost and general quality of a dresser are significantly influenced by the wood and hardware used in its construction.

What size drawer for a dresser is ideal?

A typical dresser measures 36″ – 60″ in width, 26″ to 44″ tall, 16″ to 20″ deep, and contains six to nine drawers.