5 Office Theme Costumes for Your Coworkers

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Although it ended in 2013, NBC’s The Office remains a classic favorite among multiple generations of fans. This is one huge reason why Office-themed costumes are popular for office Halloween costumes. Not only are they instantly recognizable, but they are also work-appropriate to boot. Here are five ideas that are taken straight from the show for every coworker in the office.

1. Jim as Three-Hole Punch

Jim’s understated look can be easily replicated with a simple solid button-down shirt, a skinny black tie, and a brown messenger bag. To make it extra festive, trace a cup onto black construction paper and cut out the circle. Repeat three times, then attach circles to the shirt with masking tape, staples, or whatever’s available in the office supply closet.

2. Dwight Schrute

The custodian of Schrute farms is one of the show’s most cardinal characters. His look is also memorable, making it the perfect costume for an office Halloween party. Wire-rimmed glasses, a mustard-yellow shirt, and brown trousers are standard components of a basic Dwight Schrute costume. A brown blazer would elevate the costume but is optional. Some possible accessories include a basket of beets, a samurai sword, or a wristwatch-calculator combo. True fans will recognize the references and appreciate the effort.

3. Kelly as Katy Perry

In the episode “Costume Contest,” Kelly Kapoor is shown in her interpretation of 2010’s Katy Perry. Her costume includes a green bob wig, a colorful dress, and a decorative top hat, which is reminiscent of the singer’s look from the “California Gurls” video. Sweets Halloween costumes featuring lollipop or whipped cream motifs are equally likely to capture the spirit of Kelly as Katy. To stay true to the spirit of both Katy Kapoor and Katy Perry, make sure to keep it over the top. According to Chasing Fireflies, “there’s no such thing as too much sugar.”

4. Prison Mike

One of Michael Scott’s most famous personas from the show is the stereotypical ex-con dubbed “Prison Mike.” This costume starts with a navy blue suit, shirt, and tie, akin to the character’s preferred workplace attire. Then, add a purple bandana. For bonus points, use outdated slang and insist that the worst thing about prison was the Dementors.

5. Creed

To this day, nobody seems to know what Dunder-Mifflin’s most mysterious employee, Creed Bratton, actually did for the company. This may be why he’s one of the show’s most popular characters and an excellent choice for an Office-themed costume. The simplest way to pay homage to this character is with a healthy splatter of fake blood all over some perfectly normal professional workwear. For the final touch, when people compliment the costume, be sure to respond by saying, “It’s Halloween?”

The true reason behind the success of The Office is because it reflects the wide array of personalities in offices all over the world. With over 200 episodes to choose from, there are plenty of fresh costume ideas to bring The Office into the workplace this Halloween.