5 Ways That Marketing Can Benefit From Personalized Reusable Bags

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According to the findings of the 2020 ASI Impression Study, seventy-three percent of customers already own promotional bags, and they have kept these bags for an average of eleven months. Because of this, personalized reusable bags are not only helpful to the environment but also act as an effective tool for marketing your business. The following is a list of five various approaches to marketing that you might take advantage of by using reusable bags with your company’s logo on them:

Expos And Other Formal Gatherings

Trade exhibitions are a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact not only with exhibitors but also with industry professionals and members of the media. They are the individuals who will leave a lasting impression if they carry your branded, custom-made trade show bags. These bags should have information about your brand. Prepare yourself for the upcoming event by getting some personalized trade show bags. You have a selection of many styles available to pick from, such as messenger bags, wine bags, and bespoke cooler bags.


Include some personalized reusable bags in the assortment of retail items that you offer, regardless of whether or not you operate a brick-and-mortar or an internet shop. Your most loyal customers will show their support for your company and their commitment to the cause of environmental preservation by purchasing branded things from you, such as reusable tote bags. In return, the benefits of increased publicity will trickle down to your company.

As A Free Present With Purchase

By providing your consumers with complimentary presents that are earth-friendly, you may foster stronger ties with them. You can determine the criteria that must be completed for a consumer to be eligible for a gift. For example, a customer must make a specific number of purchases of your branded bag or order your product a particular number of times. When they purchase with you, perhaps the Printed Reusable Grocery Bags are a delightful surprise gift that they have come to anticipate receiving from you. You could even produce several different bags and then stop using them after a predetermined amount of time.


Make a reusable bag in collaboration with another company that serves a clientele that is comparable to your own and put promotional materials for both of your enterprises on the bag. This will allow you to attract customers to both of your establishments. The most valuable consumers and prospects of both brands should receive the totes, which should be distributed to them. It will be easier for you to avoid making duplicate entries if you sort through these lists ahead of time. Customers who are dedicated to both brands, as well as customers who are only familiar with one brand, both have the potential to benefit from increased recognition of your brand.


Find an event that is set to take place in your vicinity or that your customers are likely to attend and offer to support the event as well as provide reusable bags with your company’s name printed on them. Alternatively, your customers could attend the event themselves. You have the option of providing complimentary branded bags to the first one hundred people who arrive at the event, or you might provide complimentary bags to persons who register for your mailing list. They will keep spreading the word about the information that you are marketing for a good number of years to come.