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You should upgrade the look of your home timely so that you can increase storage and upgrade the décor of your home. You can also enhance the look of your house to maintain its aesthetics if you renovate it with the help of a professional.

If you are looking for the best contractor for your Los Angeles renovation, then you should contact Done Right Home Remodeling in Los Angeles. So, let us understand how you can add value to your home by following a few simple tip and tricks.

Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit/ADU

ADUs can be built as a part of your main residential unit or as a separate house at a certain distance from the main residential unit. You can also convert your garage area into a separate dwelling unit.

You can extend a portion of your house by breaking the walls and building an ADU, which is attached to the main building. This unit can be used as a study room or a living room.

You can also use this place as a recreational unit of your house and enjoy the quality time there when your friends visit your place. This can be a study unit where your children can study peacefully without getting disturbed. You can use this place as your office whenever you are required to work from home.

Make your home energy-efficient

Install energy-efficient devices and building materials to make your home a smart one. These home additions will not only save on energy expenditure but also add character to your home. Moreover, you can contribute to the environment by using these appliances.

You can go with solar panel installation, invest in energy star appliances and smart thermostats, replace old windows and poorly insulated doors, and upgrade the home insulation. You can also qualify for green tax benefits and get more benefits.

Add smart home appliances

Smart home devices are very popular among homeowners and also can improve the value of your home. Buyers get attracted to homes that are equipped with smart appliances.

You can invest in smart thermostats, smart home security systems such as camera doorbells, smoke, carbon monoxide, radon detectors, and smart lights to your home to add value to your property.

Upgrade the outdoor

The outdoor area is the first thing that attracts the attention of potential buyers. Hence, improve the garden area, add a fountain, go with the new plantation, and improve the landscape. You can also add a swimming pool to add value to your home.

Add artificial lights both in indoor and outdoor area

You should replace the old lights with the new decorative lights so that they can add a mesmerizing effect to the space. Lights not only make the space aesthetically beautiful but also make the space brighter. Hence, it can be a good investment to add lights to your home.

You can choose between standing lamps, ceiling-mounted lights, pendant lights, or wall-mounted lights to add that vibrancy to your home. Installing decorative lights in your garden area can also add a curb appeal to your outdoor space.


You need to upgrade certain aspects of your home to make it look clean and fresh all the time. Moreover, your home will look organized, sorted, and beautiful.

 If you are confused about how to carry out things successfully then you can contact our experts and discuss with them how you can upgrade your home without causing any damage to your property.