A Comprehensive Guide To Smartphone Security

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Do you honestly think that you own a secure smartphone? Let us just tell you that there really is no such thing out there? Your phone probably isn’t secure and if you haven’t looked at how to make your phone untrackable and secure at all then we have a problem. The number of hacks and the people looking to scam you over the internet has increased many folds during the pandemic.

We’re here to give you some sure fire tips and tricks that can help you lock your smartphone security and protect your phone from any data loss or hacker attacks.

7 Tips for Your Smartphone Security 
  1. Don’t Download Just Any Application

There are a lot of good third-party apps that use a site’s API to make their own mobile version of the site (i.e. Hootsuite for Twitter or Alien Blue for Reddit). But before you download a fake version of Flappy Bird or Minecraft, you should learn how to spot fakes so you know it’s a real app. Otherwise, you can easily fall into a hacking trap and be prey to the biggest smartphone security scam.

Never Root Your Smartphone 

When you root or jailbreak your phone, the default security settings are removed. This could let apps see private information like your SIM card number and which antennas you connect to.

Even though it might be tempting to “root” your phone to get apps from outside the official stores and play with it like a developer, we don’t recommend this for regular users. If you do need to root a device, don’t keep any personal information on the device.

Always Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network connects your device to a safe server before any other user can access you or your data – they are rerouted to another server. This protects your data and it allows your data to be uber safe when you use public Wi-Fi networks.

Want to know how to make your phone impossible to track to stay secure? A good VPN like VeePN is the answer because there is no way you or your IP address can be tracked when you are connected through a VPN server in an entirely different location than your real location.

You can easily download the free version of this app and start investing in your secure smartphone today.

Keep Your Software Updated 

A secure smartphone isn’t just one with a locked screen. Many hacker attacks take advantage of flaws in mobile operating systems. This is especially true for Android platforms, which are hacked more than any other platform.

The security of an Android phone depends on regular updates to stay ahead of hackers, but many people turn off automatic updates. Also, to keep people buying new phones, many phone makers cut support for the most recent operating systems from older models on purpose.

If you want to stay on top of things, make sure to stay on top of OS updates. This will help you avoid a number of possible smartphone security problems that can come from having old software on your phone.

Create Strong Passwords & Never Use One 

Be extra careful with your passwords is another obvious tip that doesn’t just apply to mobile phones. Many people use passwords that are easy to figure out. These can be their names or last names, as well as the names of their pets or family members, and other obvious information, like their birth year, month, or date. This is one of the best smartphone security tips that we can give you really.

Try using passwords that begin with a capital letter and have both letters and numbers in them. For even more protection, you could use acronyms or a password manager app on your phone.

When it comes to smartphone security tips, data breaches can be caused by both weak passwords and a lack of different passwords. Many people take the easy way out and use the same two or three passwords for every app and website they use.

That’s a bad idea. You can use simple, easy-to-remember passwords for things like gaming website accounts as long as you don’t use the same ones for your phone or online banking.

Keep an Eye on App Permissions

A lot of the apps you download want to get information from other apps and sites. Pay close attention to what permissions you give when you download something, and check your apps and permissions regularly because sites often change their terms and conditions. This is how you get a very secure smartphone.

Remember to Always Backup 

There are more ways you could try to protect your smartphone, but in the end, nothing will stop a skilled hacker or thief who really wants to get in. The best thing to do is to back up your data on a regular basis so that if you lose your phone, it won’t be as bad.

These are some smartphone security tips that you can apply to keep your phone super safe. Use a VPN to stay secure while doing transactions and other activities that involve your data online. Stay safe!