A Guide to the Types of Specialist Removals Professionals

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If you are looking to hire some professionals to help you move, you’ll need to know what kind of removal company you want to work with. Here is a quick guide to the most used removal professionals today.

Domestic Removals

If you are moving house, your first port of call should be a domestic removals company. Domestic removal companies work with homeowners to assess the amount of help needed to transport furniture and household goods. They typically conduct a quick survey of the client’s home before drawing up a plan and giving them a quote. A good domestic removal company will train its staff to make sure that they cause as little damage as possible to the property belonging to their clients. They typically have liability insurance that enables them to guarantee reparations to clients if any of their property is damaged. For a convenient and reliable option for auto transport, you can also visit https://www.shiply.com/de/autotransport

Piano Movers

Pianos are notoriously ungainly beasts. If you are moving a piano between homes, you are going to need to hire some specialists. ​​Moving a piano between homes is a challenging task that requires specialised knowledge, skills, and equipment. Pianos are heavy and bulky instruments that are also very delicate and sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, and handling. Moving a piano improperly can cause serious damage to the instrument, the people involved in the move, and the surrounding property.

Professional piano movers are trained and experienced in all aspects of moving pianos. They know how to properly disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble pianos safely and efficiently. They also have the necessary equipment, such as specialised dollies, straps, and padding, to ensure the piano is protected and secure during the move. Professional piano movers don’t typically take responsibility for moving other bulky items between homes. They usually need to be hired as well as other removals companies.

Art Handlers

Art handlers are professionals who specialise in the safe and efficient handling, transport, and installation of valuable art objects. They possess a range of skills, including expertise in packing, crating, lifting, and manoeuvring fragile and delicate art pieces. Some of the more expensive art handlers also have a deep understanding of art history and conservation, and they are trained to work with a variety of media, such as paintings, sculptures, and installations.

People who are moving home with valuable art collections often hire art handlers to ensure the safe and secure transport of their artworks. Art handlers work closely with their clients to assess the specific needs of each piece and to create customised packing and transport solutions. They use specialised equipment and materials, such as custom crates, climate-controlled vehicles, and museum-grade packing materials, to ensure that the artworks are protected from damage during the move.

Commercial Removals

Commercial removals companies specialise in the large-scale transportation of business materials. These can include computers, furniture, stock, and just about everything else a business needs to operate. These companies typically have large fleets of vehicles that can move huge amounts of corporate property efficiently and quickly.