Cutting roller blinds: a guide

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There’s no better choice than roller blinds when it comes to window treatments. In order to give your windows an air of sophistication, they can be used with these. Roller blinds have a unique fit and fabric that is unlike anything else. Fabrics of varying patterns and colours are placed on a roller and attached to the windows. Sometimes, your blinds will need to be trimmed down if they’re too large for your windows. First, you measure your windows, mark the measurements on your blinds, and then trim away the extra fabric. Pencil marks can indicate which sections of the paper need removing. Your new blinds can be installed after sharp scissors are used to cut out the marked sections. Check out the roller blind cutting service.

Making Custom-Sized Roller Blinds

Cutting roller shades to fit a customer’s window is a concern for them. Accurate blind measurements are essential for properly installing your new roller shades. When ordering roller blinds for a house too large, many people are unsure how to proceed. Your roller blinds can be easily trimmed to fit your window perfectly. To ensure that the blinds fit perfectly, measure your windows and compare them to the blinds’ measurements.

You’ll need these items:

  1. A pair of high-quality scissors.
  2. Unbroken, smooth surface.
  3. a ruler and a tape measure
  4. a piece of white chalk or a pen.
  • Before beginning any work, ensure that the blinds are completely rolled out on a flat surface.
  • Roller blind brackets must be attached to the wall around your window. Installing the blinds where they should go is essential to their proper operation. Marking the exact location with a pencil makes it easier to place and align everything.
  • After that, you’ll need to measure your windows to figure out how much fabric you’ll need to make your window treatments. The width and length should be measured.
  • It’s time to go back to the blind you drew earlier. Mark the fabric with a pencil, so you know where to cut it off. “
  • Make clean cuts in the areas you marked with a good pair of scissors with your marking pen. Remove as much excess as possible first, then smooth the edges if necessary.
  • Once you’ve trimmed and evened out your blinds, you can hang them to see if they’re the right size for your window.


  • Your blinds will be made to measure when you order them.
  • Buying new blinds is more expensive than modifying existing ones to fit your windows.
  • Roller blinds are easier to clean and maintain than shutter blinds, which necessitate dusting and cleaning each slat.

Roller blinds have a reputation for being more child and pet friendly than other types of window treatments.

Always remember, cutting roller blinds is not something you can easily do at home. It is always best if you employ professional help for roller blind cutting. Check out the blind cutting service for help.