Easy Ways To Remember Friends’ Birthdays And Give Special Birthday Greeting Cards

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Remembering a friend’s birthday can cause you to be judged as a well-liked person. Because you give the impression that you are always with him. Your friend seems to feel that his life is full of happiness, because you remember his happy day. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to remember the date of our friends’ birthdays. If your friend is one person, maybe it’s easy enough to remember. However, if there are more than 20 people, of course you will find it difficult to remember.

There are four ways you can remember your friend’s birthday.

1.Use the Automatic Birthday Reminder Calendar Application

So that you remember your friend’s birthday, you can use a birthday reminder software. After all the applications are installed, a reminder window for a friend’s birthday will appear. In the name field, enter the name, in the date, enter the date, etc. In essence, you can enter more than 20 of your friends’ birthdays. But, don’t forget to activate the alarm. With this alarm, you will remember every time your laptop beeps indicating someone’s birthday. You can also take advantage of automatically send birthday cards. So, this method can anticipate that you forget to send a birthday greeting card to your friend.

  1. Write down the date on your cellphone

This is the usual way to do it. Every cell phone usually has a clock or time feature. Then you enter the dates of your friend’s birthday and activate the alarm.

3.Register on social networks

You can also register it on the question network. Quite a lot of existing social networks. One of them is Facebook. If you have friends who already have Facebook, you will automatically know who your friends have birthdays that day. For those who don’t have Facebook, you can use method number two. But remember, the alarm must be activated

  1. Register the Date at the Florist’s Subscription Shop

You can also use the services of a flower delivery shop. You register her friend’s birthday and ask the florist to deliver small flowers to your door. Of course, the paper wrapper has the name of your friend’s birthday written on it. Or, maybe you can also order a flower delivery service shop to send flowers directly to your friend’s birthday. As if you remember his birthday. In fact, if your friend doesn’t thank you for the flowers you sent, it could be that you don’t remember their birthday.

After that you can remember your birthday and can send an automatic birthday greeting card. It’s time for you and your friends to celebrate a special birthday.

Make Your Birthday Special in These 4 Ways

Birthday is one of the special moments in our life. Even so, it cannot be denied that nowadays, the way to enjoy these moments is different from when you were a child. In the past, I often held parties by inviting lots of friends, now it seems that birthdays are more often spent with only a few closest people.

Even so, that doesn’t mean birthday celebrations can’t be special. In the following ways, you can still celebrate this important moment unforgettable!

Do Exciting Activities With Loved Ones

Special moments will feel more exciting if spent with loved ones, be it family or close friends. A few weeks in advance, write down a list of friends and family you’d like to invite to celebrate your birthday with. Discuss together what fun activities to do. Considering that we are in a pandemic condition, try to maintain health protocols.

Give Yourself a Gift

Birthdays are synonymous with presents or prizes. Of course it feels good when friends and family give gifts when you have a birthday. However, actually you don’t have to wait until they do it, you know! Why don’t you use birthdays as an excuse to give yourself a present? Consider this as a reward for the hard work you have done so far.

Whether it’s new clothes, sneakers for running, makeup, gadgets, kitchen equipment, or maybe you want to pamper yourself at the spa. Pick one from your wishlist and make it happen on your birthday.

Special Dinner at Home

Years ago you might still have been able to book a table at your favorite restaurant and invite as many people as you wanted. However, in a pandemic situation like now, it’s better to celebrate it at home with your family. You can cook your favorite food. Can’t cook? No problem! Many restaurants are currently providing their menus for delivery. You can also decorate your dining room to be special like in a restaurant.


Given that birthdays are special occasions, it’s only natural that you’d want to spend them in a special or different place as well. Again, keep in mind that celebrating a birthday doesn’t always have to be a party with lots of people. As an alternative, you can also celebrate by staying overnight at a five-star hotel.

No need to get out of town, you can stay at a five-star hotel in the city where you live. In other words, staycation. You can staycation alone or with your family. Choose a hotel that has good facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools, of course implementing strict health protocols.

Birthdays don’t have to be celebrated by partying like when they were kids. Through the methods above, your special moments will remain memorable and unforgettable