Everything You Need To Know About Reshaping Wide Brim Felt Hats For Women

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Wearing a wide brim hat gives every woman an opportunity to take care of their hair and scalp by keeping them out from any harmful. If you are a fan of western movies, you can try some of any wide brim hat inspired by Hollywood movies. You will find plenty of options when it comes to hats inspired by western movies, and they are surely not less than perfect or anywhere close to boring as well.

This is one of the most useful accessories that women can purchase, especially during the summer seasons when they have to deal with harmful UV rays from the sun. However, your wide brim hats can lose their shape with regular wearing and storing. This could be your worst nightmare to reshape your wide brim hat without any knowledge. However, with some tips for shaping your hat, you can easily get the best possible look. Here are a few tips for shaping your wide brim hats perfectly.

Wash Your Hat Before Reshaping

This is a very important step of reshaping your wide-brim hat, and your hats will look dirty if you don’t wash them before reshaping them. You have to wash them with mild soap or detergent to make sure that the dirt sticks to the fabric and makes it easy to get the shape back.

Since your hat is already out of shape, you need not worry about further damage. Instead, you can optimize this opportunity to eliminate all the dirt and stains on your hat. Also, after washing, it becomes easier to shape your hat.

Use Hat Blocks For Shaping Your Hats

You can easily reshape your wide brim felt hat by using hat blocks and putting your hats on a hat form. This is a timesaving technique. Though it may take a few minutes to shape your wide-brim hats, it will save you a lot of time instead of reshaping them by your skills.

You can easily reshape the hat while using hat blocks to get the best fit. Another good thing about using hat blocks is that it will prevent the wearing down of material on both sides of the brim.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure

The pressure that you apply on the hat block should be too less so that there is no risk of messing up your fabrics or damaging them in any other possible way. Remember that you don’t have to reshape the whole hat; you just have to shape a few sides of the hat and apply less pressure.

Take Some Measurements Before Starting

It is always a great idea to take some measurements before starting with your work so that it becomes easier for you to get the required shape without wasting or ruining any fabric of your wide brim hats. Take some measurements like the width of the brim, length of the crown and height of your hat, etc. You can know how much is left to reshape and how much is left.

Use the Tissue Paper for Getting Exact Shape

If you don’t have hat blocks, you can use some tissue paper to reshape your hats. Try to roll up some tissue paper into a tiny ball and apply it to the fabric of your wide brim hat. Then shape it according to the size of your hat with no pressure at all. Of course, you have to be sure that you don’t have any further damage to your fabric at any point in time during the reshaping process.

Try Wayfarer, Fedora, and Fedora-style Hats

These types of hats are perfect for reshaping. You can easily reshape them much easier by applying the hat blocks on your wide brim hats. You have to make sure that you have already removed the decorative elements on your hats and apply your hat blocks inappropriate places to get the best shape.

Let It Dry After Shaping

You can use some tea bags to keep the fabric dry and let it dry after shaping it. Similarly, you can use a hairdryer for this purpose for easy shaping of your wide brim hats. This is a very easy way for reshaping, and you have to be sure about the same.

These are some useful tips that can help you shape your hats perfectly. Don’t be afraid if you apply these steps without any knowledge or experience because it becomes easy for you to reshape your hats perfectly with the right tools and techniques.

You don’t have to worry about scars on your fabrics which are very common in reshaping the hats by your skills. This method is free from any further damage and doesn’t put further strain on your fabrics. Instead, it will give them a better look and keep them safe from further damages.