Gas Struts – Benefits of Using Them in Your Home or Business

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Gas struts are hydraulic devices that use compressed natural gas to provide a smooth and controlled motion in various applications. Gas struts provide many benefits, making them attractive for homeowners and businesses. We’ll be looking at the benefits of gas struts for your home or business.


Safety is one benefit of gas struts. Gas struts offer a predictable, controlled motion which can help prevent injuries or accidents. Gas struts can prevent heavy doors or lids from slamming shut. This can pose a danger and be detrimental to the environment. A gas strut makes it easy to close the door or lid quietly and smoothly, reducing the likelihood of injury.


Another benefit to gas struts? Convenience. Gas struts allow you to easily lift heavy objects, such as car tailgates, car hoods, or storage lids. This can make it much easier to access these items and decrease the risk of injury. Gas struts are a great option to keep furniture and other equipment in place. It makes it easy to store these items.

Space Saving

Gas struts may also be used for space saving. Gas struts lift and carry heavy objects such as tables and chairs. You can create more space that is functional and open. This is especially useful for small areas and crowded places with limited space. Gas struts also make it possible to create multi-functional furniture. For example, tables can be made into workstations and beds.


The gas struts are a durable and long-lasting investment that homeowners and business owners can make. They can withstand high temperatures and extreme humidity. They can be used in outdoor and industrial applications where durability is essential.


Gas struts may be customized to meet your needs. They are available in a broad range of sizes and forms. They can be adjusted to provide the right amount and force for your project. Gas struts can be modified with various end fittings, including ball studs and clevises. This makes installation and uses much easier.

Energy Efficiency

Gas struts have high energy efficiency. They are energy-efficient and do not require external power to function. This can help reduce your energy bills. Gas struts can also reduce the energy needed to lift and hold heavy objects (such as car tailgates and car roofs). This can help to reduce carbon emissions and make your home or business more eco-friendly.

Aesthetic Appeal

A gas strut can add aesthetic appeal and style to your home or business. They are available in many colors and can enhance your space’s look and feel. Gas struts, for example, can be used to create elegant and modern furniture or to add elegance to your home or business.


Gas struts by Selectlok are a safe and efficient solution for adjusting weight loads in doorways and cabinets. They offer an easy one-press operation with no manual force necessary, making them extremely convenient to use. Furthermore, the design is robust yet lightweight, ensuring both the safety and longevity of your furniture or equipment. The ability to adjust the tension of struts means that they can be customized to suit individual weight needs, making Selectlok Gas Struts an ideal choice for anyone requiring easy control over objects’ weights with little hassle!