Laminate the Trend that Keeps Gaining

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The field of interior decoration has gone through many changes in the past few years. It saw many decoration trends come and go. It saw how traditional decoration style was replaced to suit the new needs of new times. The busy urban lifestyle demanded something entirely different. Then laminates entered the decoration scenario. They were exactly what was needed.

Laminate brought revolutionary changes to the interior decoration industry. Their versatility, their strength, durability and multiple applications made them extremely popular among designers and homeowners alike. Since then, laminates have become more than just a trend. It is the perfect solution for multiple surfaces.

What are laminates?

We know laminates play a crucial role in interior decoration. But what exactly are these laminates? Laminates are synthetic surface solutions made of melamine resins and fibre boards. They are manufactured in a way that they look like wood. Decorative laminates are usually made of plastic and paper resins, bonded with strong adhesives.

Why laminates are trending
Versatility and innovative approach

The main reason for laminates to gain consistent popularity is their versatility. Interior grade laminates come in an array of assortment. The spirit of an innovative approach has influenced the laminate designs strongly. This powerful combination of versatility and innovation has made laminates a trend that never leaves.

Laminates can create an incredibly unique look for your place. One of the best ways to make your place one-of-a-kind is to use textured laminates. You can use different types of textured laminates based on the purposes of your place. Textured laminates are a complete game changer. They are perfect if you have already planned a theme for the place you are decorating. Many homeowners think that textured laminates are to be specifically used in spacious living rooms. Whereas, in reality, you can use textured laminates for any area of your choice. One of the newest laminate ideas is to use unique digital laminates and plan your interior according to your personal design. If you don’t want a vast space change, then choose coloured laminates. This should testify to how profoundly laminates can help in creating your customized interior design.


If aesthetics is the first reason for the increasing popularity of laminates, functionality is unquestionably the second. One of the thoughts that keep coming to your mind regarding interior planning is if your decoration ideas will benefit you practically. No matter how great your place looks, if it doesn’t fulfil practical requirements, it’s a failure. High-pressure laminates are your best chance to fulfil practical needs as well as appealing l9oks. They champion functionality and are suitable for multiple applications. These engineered surface solutions are now fortified with cutting-edge features like waterproof, stain proof and scratch resistance. These features have made kitchen laminates one of the best aspects ever. The kitchen is always the trickiest area of the home. It needs a 360-degree approach. Laminates are the best way to take care of typical kitchen problems. It is because laminates are so easy to handle and give a good performance. Laminate sheets are preferred for floors.

Hassle-free Maintenance

With modernization, the one thing we lack the most is time. Investing a lot of time and patience simply is not possible anymore. After a long, tiring day, we all would prefer the easy experience. The sudden arrival of guests equals our anxiety about making the place look flawless. As laminates are very easy to maintain, you don’t have to worry about a deep cleansing episode. All you need is soft microfiber or lint-free cloth, and you can simply dust off the place. Laminates are the best of both worlds regarding interior appeal and maintenance.

Cost Effective

Revamping and decoration involve many factors before you set out the enterprise. Financial factors are one of the most important aspects. Even in this context, laminate is a good option. Laminates are your best budget-friendly decorative solutions.

Royalé Touché is one of the best laminate brands in India. Royalé Touché laminates are well-known for their high performance, variety and aesthetic appeal. A renowned brand standing for trust and reliance, Royalé Touché Laminates is truly an awesome choice to create a unique decoration for your space. With Royalé Touché laminates, decorate your place your way.

Laminates are the new, fun way to design your space. With so many advantages, it is one of the best investments you will ever make. We see these great surface solutions become a permanent trend in the coming times.