Last Minute Gifts for Dad

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Most people agree: Dad is the hardest person to shop for in the family. If you are finishing up your last-minute shopping and still trying to find something for Dad, consider these gift ideas that he will love:

Wireless Charging Station

If your Dad loves gadgets and devices, then simplify his life with a charging station. Two styles are available: a wireless pad or a docking station with multiple USBs. It’s easy to top-up the batteries after using devices throughout the day when everything can be charged in one convenient location. With this gift, Dad’s home work station can go with him while traveling and ensure his devices don’t need to charge one at a time on rotation.

Portable Phone Charger

Or, if Dad is someone who is always on the go, then a portable charger can be a great way to keep him connected. These power banks are lightweight and can provide 1 – 3 phone charges, depending on the size of the battery. When Dad’s phone is charged, then it’s easy for the family to get in touch at any time.

Yeti Day Cooler

You can’t go wrong with a Yeti cooler. Dad can keep his drinks and snacks cold all day long. Whether he’s taking it camping or heading to a tailgate party before the game, a small cooler can be ideal to bring food and drinks on the adventure. Yeti is a reputable brand with quality insulating coolers that keep everything at the right temperature.

Grilling Accessories

How often does Dad fire up the grill or turn on the backyard smoker? If he enjoys cooking up flavorful meat, then a few accessories can be a great addition to his setup. Gift ideas include grilling salt, a grill-top pizza oven, a digital meat thermometer, heat-resistant gloves, a grill cleaning brush, and other BBQ tools.

Portable Neck Massager

Everyone likes to relax at the end of a long day, and a portable neck massager can help Dad relax. These Shiatsu devices have rolling balls and internal heat to provide relief to the muscles in the neck and shoulders.

Drink Subscription

A monthly drink club can be a great way to keep his evening cabinets stocked. Examples include a whiskey membership, wine club, or beer club. The drinks are delivered every month, offering a variety of flavors and varieties so he can sample new products.