RCA universal remote codes list

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These universal remote controls can be set to operate virtually any television, DVD player, VCR, or cable box, allowing you to customize your viewing experience. Universal remotes can also be used for devices for which the original remote does not work or if you need a second remote for any other reason. It is necessary to have a unique code for each brand of remote control in order to set it up correctly.

RCA Universal Remote Codes
Apex Digital 0748, 0765, 1217, 2397
Audiovox 0451, 0802, 1766,1769, 1868, 2121
Aventura 0171
Broksonic 0463, 1935
Carver 0054
Celebrity 0001
Celera 0765
Changhong 0765
Citizen 0060, 1935
Coby 1634, 2306, 2315, 2344, 2345, 2348
Commercial Solutions 1447, 0000
Crosley 0001, 0054
Curtis 2352, 2466
Curtis Mathes 0000, 0054, 0451, 0093, 0060, 0702, 0145, 1661
Daewoo 0451, 1661

You’ll probably need the four-digit remote codes from the RCA Universal Remote Codes List in order to set up your remote! Through the table of contents, you can search for codes by brand. RCA Universal Remotes can be paired with any device simply by looking at the device’s remote control for the pairing code. If one does not work, move on to the next. How to Pair Your RCA Universal Remote First, look for the code on the remote control of the device you want to pair. Just keep going down the list if one doesn’t work.

  • Make sure all your paired devices are turned on. Make sure the light on the indicator is on.
  • Hold down the remote’s Code Search button.
  • Keeping the appropriate button pressed while simultaneously holding the Code Search button can help you pair your equipment (Blu-Ray player, universal TV, VCR, DVD player, etc.).
  • Enter the code for the device’s remote. The remote’s indicator light will turn off if it works.
  • Verify that the remote is functioning properly by testing it.
  • Repeat the previous steps with a new code if it fails.

The RCA universal remote control is able to control a wide range of devices, regardless of brand, as its name suggests. It is especially beneficial if you have a home theater setup that involves several devices connected simultaneously, such as a TV and a gaming console.

You won’t have to deal with the clutter and hassle of using multiple remotes because you can use this to control these devices on your own. You get more time to relax and watch movies in your home theater in addition to the convenience it provides.

Direct Code Entry for Programming the RCA Universal Remote Control If the previous method did not work for you, the best next step is to use direct code entry. This procedure can also be used to program other devices that are compatible, such as streaming devices, DVD or Blu-ray players, and other home theater components.

Read through the list of codes that came with your remote’s codebook first. We have compiled all of the compatible RCA remote codes below in case you do not have the list of codes with you. Make a list of the device’s brand and type for future reference.

  • Select the device (TV, Blu-ray, etc.) on your remote by pressing and holding the button.
  • The remote keys allow you to enter one of the five- or four-digit codes you made earlier.
  • The remote light should remain on after that. Release the button on the device now.
  • The code was rejected by the device if the device button’s light flashes four times. You must attempt to enter a different code that will function with your device and remote.
  • The code was saved on the device if the light remained on. Use the remote to control the device to see if you have successfully programmed both of them. Check to see if it responds to power, volume, mute, and other commands.

Trying different codes until you find one that works perfectly with the device will help you figure out why your device did not respond consistently to such commands.