Tiktok expands its premium ad slots despite potential u s ban

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Expanding its premium ad spaces despite a possible prohibition in the U.S. is TikTok

Despite the impending prohibition in the United States, TikTok is attempting to attract additional advertising revenue by launching new advertising goods and opportunities that will give marketers greater control over the kind of content their ads appear alongside.

According to the company, it would employ generative A.I. to identify popular, brand-safe content; increase the number of “tentpole” events it offers, such as the Met Gala and the Olympics in Paris; and enable marketers to purchase slots with particular networks and content offerings.

The business is now include new partners in the “Pulse Premiere” ad space, which it debuted last year. By allowing advertisers to place their advertisements immediately after publisher and media content in more than a dozen categories, such as lifestyle, sports, entertainment, and education, the initiative aims to attract more premium ad money. On certain publishers’ material on the app’s For You feed, the advertisements would show up.

The time slot is designed to appeal more to T.V. marketers who are accustomed to purchasing advertisements to air alongside particular shows.

Prior to this, TikTok had partnerships with Major League Soccer, UFC, Vox, NBCUniversal, Condé Nast, Dotdash Meredith, BuzzFeed, and Hearst Magazines. It is currently expanding its roster of Premiere partners to include NHL and Paramount Global.

Advertisers had the opportunity to purchase commercials that ran alongside NBCUniversal content, such as “Saturday Night Live,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Today Show,” Bravo, and other shows under the previous agreement. For example, advertisers will be able to run advertisements against content from MTV, CBS Sports, The Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, and more, thanks to a new collaboration with Paramount Global.

In order to enable advertisers to track how their TikTok advertisements contribute “incremental and complementary reach” to their T.V. campaigns, TikTok also announced that it will collaborate with Nielsen ONE Ads and

At this year’s IAB NewFronts 2024, where several media businesses and social apps promote themselves to advertisers, the company will be showcasing these new ad possibilities. TikTok used the occasion to release some data on the effectiveness of its ad offers. For instance, it said that the TikTok Pulse package, which places advertisements next to the top 4% of trending videos, special occasions, or premium content, boosts ad recall by 9.8%.

By claiming that 58% of all TikTok campaign impressions reached a unique audience “unexposed” to the T.V. element of the campaign, the business also bragged about its capacity to reach consumers who might not have seen T.V. advertising. Additionally, it claimed that advertisers could reach an extra 22% of their audience by incorporating TikTok into their T.V. advertisements.

Although TikTok’s announcement appears to be routine business for the company—signalling agreements reached far in front of the U.S. prohibition bill—the app’s future in the nation remains unknown. ByteDance, the parent firm of the business, has pledged to challenge the ban but has also hinted that it may leave the nation rather than divest. That would obviously be detrimental to its ability to generate advertising revenue.