The Ultimate Guide to Sex Toys for Men: How to Choose and Use Them

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Sex toys have been around for a long time and have always been popular with people looking to add some excitement to their sex lives. In recent years, sex toys for men have become more popular and widely available, with a wide range of products on the market. With so many choices, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth investing in. This ultimate guide will provide all the information you need to choose and use sex toys.

Types of sex toys

There are many different types of sex toys for men available on the market. Some popular options include masturbators, prostate massagers, cock rings, and anal toys.

  • Masturbators come in various shapes and sizes and can simulate the feeling of oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex.
  • Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland, while cock rings can help maintain an erection and enhance sensation.
  • Anal toys can be used for both prostate stimulation and anal pleasure.
  • Some other popular sex toys for men include penis pumps, strokers, and vibrators. Each option can offer unique sensations and pleasure, so exploring and finding what works best for you is essential.

Materials used in sex toys

Regarding sex toys, the material used can make a big difference in terms of both safety and pleasure. Some common materials used in sex toys include silicone, TPE, and PVC. Silicone is popular because it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. TPE and PVC are also popular materials but are porous and can harbour bacteria if not cleaned properly. It’s important to note that some sex toys may contain phthalates, a chemical that can harm your health. Always choose sex toys that are phthalate-free to ensure your safety and well-being. sex toys for men

How to choose the right size

Choosing the right size sex toy is essential for both comfort and pleasure. Masturbators and anal toys come in various sizes, so choosing one that feels comfortable and not too tight is essential. Prostate massagers are designed to be inserted into the anus, so choosing one that is the right size for your body is essential. Cock rings should fit snugly but not be too tight, as this can cause discomfort. To find the right size sex toy for you, it’s essential to consider your anatomy and preferences. Don’t be afraid to try different sizes until you find one that feels comfortable and pleasurable.

Tips for using sex toys

Using a sex toy for the first time can be intimidating, but it can be a fun and pleasurable experience with a few tips. It’s essential to use plenty of lubricants, especially with anal toys. Water-based lubricants are safe for all sex toys and can enhance sensation. When using a masturbator, take your time and experiment with different speeds and pressures. Prostate massagers should be inserted slowly, gently, and with plenty of lubricants. When using a sex toy, communication with your partner is critical. Tell them what feels good and what doesn’t, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Remember, the goal is to enhance pleasure and intimacy for both partners.

Cleaning and storage

Properly cleaning and storing your sex toys is essential for hygiene and longevity. Always clean your sex toys after use with warm water and a mild soap or sex toy cleaner. Dry them thoroughly before storing them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing sex toys together, as different materials can react with each other and cause damage. It’s also a good idea to store sex toys in their original packaging or storage bag to keep them clean and protected. Proper cleaning and storage of sex toys are crucial for their longevity and health. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and storage, and don’t forget to check your toys for any signs of wear and tear before using them.


Choosing and using sex toys can be a fun and exciting way to add some spice to your sex life. Following these tips and guidelines, you can choose the suitable sex toy for your needs and use it safely and comfortably. Remember always to prioritise hygiene and safety regarding sex toys, and don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.