Tips to Consider While Buying The Best Disposable Vapes Online

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Plenty of people are shifting to vaping due to all the disturbing tobacco smoke and the fear of putting your loved ones’ lives at stake due to passive smoking. But how do we know which one to buy in the vast ocean of vapes?

For new shifters or beginners, starter kits and disposable vapes like elf bar are an excellent idea to withdraw from smoking. However, the vape industry is flooded with online vape shops that sell a tremendous amount of vapes. Don’t feel overwhelmed just yet; we’re here with a guide on how to choose the best one when finding it in online stores. Read below to find out!

5 Things To Know Before Buying Disposable Vapes Online:
1. Number Of Puffs:

The number of puffs is written on the back of the vape/ vape box. You can check it by looking at the quantity of E-liquid ( 88 vape liquid ) ; if the vape contains 2ml E-liquid, then it has 600 puffs. According to the laws of the UK, the legal amount of E-liquid allowed is 600 puffs only. However, you can buy according to your choice for as low as 100 puffs to a maximum of 600 puffs.

2. Battery Life:

The battery is one of the most significant factors affecting the total value of vapes. Most of the vapers complain about their battery dying before the E-liquid ends. Although some vape manufacturing companies have found a way to doge that problem, look for rechargeable disposable vapes by high-quality companies.

They have a lifetime of 1 or 2 times charging before the E-liquid runs out. Moreover, they’re cheaper than non-chargeable ones.

Furthermore, if you buy the non-chargeable one, try to save your battery as much as possible. I.e., please switch off the vape as soon as you’re done with it.

3. Nicotine Dosage:

The primary reason for vaping is to beat the nicotine cravings after cigarette cessation. Disposable vapes with a built-in E-liquid close tank design in which you cannot add a nic shot or more E-liquid as soon as the prefilled one gets finished. You need to buy the one with the perfect nicotine amount to beat your nicotine cravings.

Because if you invest in a lower nicotine dosage, you’ll still feel the cravings even after taking dozens of puffs. Your vape will end sooner than you think. On the other hand, if you buy the overdosed nicotine more than your average intake amount, you’ll feel lightheaded with extra nicotine. So make sure you’re investing in the right vape.

4. Vapour Check:

Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to vapour quantity. Some like to vapour ghost clouds and giant O rings into the air, making a noticeable appearance. In contrast, others want to keep the vapour amount to the minimum. Whatever type of person you are, look at the vape specs before buying.

The resistance and airflow inlets are often written on the vape/ vape box. Most disposable vapes are high resistance (moderate level vapour quantity) and lie between 1.0Ω to 1.2Ω. The lower the resistance and more airflow inlets– the bigger the clouds.

5. Flavour Choice:

Lastly, the flavour. The flavour you pick to vape impacts predominantly on your overall vaping experience. Vapes are known widely for their wide range of flavours. More than 7000 flavours are available in the UK vaping industry. You can choose the flavour according to your appetite type and food flavour preference.

The flavours are mostly fruity such as watermelon, strawberry, mango, apple, etc. However, other flavours such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla, peppermint, cocktail, and so many more are available to amaze vapers. When choosing your disposable vape flavour, think of your favourite fruit or food you enjoy eating because there are maximum chances of you liking its flavour too.