Why Does Sports Betting So Popular in Singapore

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Sports betting is among the most played betting categories online. Hardly will you find a reputable and top online casino like Maxim88 without sports betting option among its game catalogues. Most online casino Singapore offering sports betting options often possess the qualities and services that make the gaming experience fun.

Among such qualities is a reliable sportsbook bet provider. Also, the betting interface is usually structured in a way that makes choosing sports markets, bets, and odds easy. Other notable qualities include responsive customer support and availability of bonuses.

While these betting features and services are highly encouraging to get started in a respected online casino such as Maxim88, they are not necessarily the reasons for the betting’s popularity. This is because such qualities are basic features that a renowned and licensed online casino must possess to make the sports betting experience smooth and stress-free. So, if you are wondering why sports betting remains a go-to for most bettors in Singapore, find out below:

1.Simple and Few Rules

Whether you choose to bet on soccer, badminton, tennis, rugby, or baseball, the rules are the same. Sports betting Singapore comes with simple and a few rules. Once you access your preferred online casino, you only need to find the sportsbook provider. For instance, after logging into your Maxim88 account, simply click on “sports” and tap CMD368 to access sports betting markets.

Afterwards, you only need to choose your preferred sports market and competition that you want. Alternatively, players get to choose the game straightaway if it is among the most popular game for the day. From there, you can check the odds associated with your preferred bet. These simple processes make sports betting a highly engaged betting category in Singapore.

2.Multiple Bets and Competitions

Variety is one of the beauties of the online betting industry and sports betting plays a huge role. By choosing to play soccer sports market only, you can find hundreds of games available in different competitions. Among the most common competitions across a season are Premier League, La Liga, World Cup, Nations Cup and Champions League. Each competition features about five to ten games, across the week.

Aside from the competitions, players also get to choose from different bets. The full-time result, Normal time definition, total goals, correct score, first goal scorer, half-time score and Asian Handicap betting are just some of the common bets associated with soccer sports. This variety also applies to other sports. In other words, players always have multiple bets, competitions, games and sports to consider when making decisions on what to play. This excites many players as they get to find the most convenient bet for themselves.

3.Massive Payout

While the form of payout differs from playing slot games, live casino games or fishing games, sports betting offers massive winnings in any of the games. Sometimes, the winnings could even be higher than any of the adventurous games. More so, players love sports betting because they can calculate their winnings from the odds associated with a bet. In other words, once you place your bet on a particular game, you can easily see how much you would earn if you predicted correctly.

Several games, bets and odds offer different payouts. An interesting aspect of sports betting is that you can pick multiple bets and stakes. If you can manage to win all your games, then you get massive odds, leading to a huge payout. Several players from Singapore make life-changing sums by playing sports betting on Maxim88 from time to time. As more players are making money from sports betting, more players are signing up to take up the opportunity.

4.Learn More About Your Favourite Sports

Although this may not be the obvious reason for the game’s popularity in Singapore, don’t be surprised to hear from Singaporean players that they love sports betting because of their affection for a particular game. Some players love soccer, tennis, and basketball while others are cricket, rugby and baseball enthusiasts. Because of their massive understanding of the sports, it gives the players an edge when making predictions or choosing a bet. In fact, if you intend to engage in sports betting, it is highly recommended to stake on games that you understand perfectly.

As players from Singapore engage in sports betting, they seek to learn more about specific games, competitions and sports. This makes the experience more exciting and entertaining. You want to bet on a game that you feel confident of turning out as you have imagined. Although the outcome is not always as you think, the thrills of research and placing bet according to your findings make many Singaporean players love sports betting in only online casinos.

5.Asian Handicap Betting

Here is one of the most popular types of bets in sports betting, especially in Singapore sportsbook. Asian Handicap betting is commonly found in sports markets, such as Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket, etc. It is about handicapping a team based on their recent forms. In other words, you are predicting that the stronger team gets to win by more goals. If this happens as you have predicted, then you win big. Asian Handicap Betting always come with massive odds, regardless of the type of sports or associated game. Considering it’s always a great bet to win big and tests sports research, many players in Singapore love to engage in sports betting.


Sports betting will continue to be exciting and rewarding, especially for people who love sports. Once you understand a sport and know your team, you can always find an exciting bet that you feel can fetch you good money. The popular betting option is expected to keep gaining more popularity across Singapore and beyond due to the simple rules involved, the presence of multiple bets and competitions, massive payouts, and a push to learn more about specific sports. Players who know their games are likely to keep winning big with the Asian Handicap betting from licensed online casinos like Maxim88. Good luck trying out sports betting!