How Do You Take Care Of Your Healing Crystals

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Have you just started using a healing crystal? Not sure exactly how to make the most out of your healing crystal? Well, using healing crystals is not that easy, as there are quite several things that you need to consider while using your healing crystals. Only then will you be able to make the most out of the experience and you will also be able to get the maximum outcome from your healing crystal. You can also visit a Healing Crystal Pendants Online store and get your desired healing crystals.

However, simply buying healing crystals is not enough. You will also have to ensure that the healing crystals are well taken care of so they can give you long-lasting effects. So, here’s how you can take care of your healing crystals:

Cleansing Your Healing Crystals: 

Most people make use of healing crystals in order to heal their minds, body, and soul. These crystals can also increase the level of positive energy in your body. The crystals will only work properly when they are 100% cleansed but how exactly are you going to cleanse your healing crystals? Well, here are some simple ways to do so:

You can make use of running water in order to cleanse the healing crystals. Water can neutralize the negative energy that is stored inside the crystal and bring it back to its original form again. You should try using running water in order to wash the stone. Once the stone has been properly washed, pat dry and use it all over again.

You can also make use of salt water in order to purify your healing crystal. Salt has the power to absorb unwanted energy. So, you can use saltwater to neutralize the crystal. If you live near the sea, then you can consider washing the crystal in seawater every now and then. You may also use a mixture of salt and water in order to cleanse the crystals. However, do not use this cleansing method for stones that are soft and porous in nature, as the stone particles may get stuck within the pores.

Natural light is another really good way of cleansing your healing crystal. You may try exposing your healing crystal to natural light. This is going to allow the crystals to purify themselves. You can make use of either sunlight or moonlight to purify the crystals. You need to place the crystal in natural light for around 10 to 12 hours and the crystals will become pure once again.

Nowadays, people are also making use of sage to purify stones. Sage is a plant that comes with a lot of healing properties. By making use of sage, you will be able to remove negative energy from your healing crystal and purify it.

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