How To Play Online Poker Abroad

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Online gaming has always been quite popular, but the industry has grown even more in recent years. In fact, it is expanding so much that online gaming is expected to be worth $321 billion by 2026. This is thanks to people turning to online games as a source of entertainment resulting from the boredom and isolation of the past couple of years.

Among the more sought-after games as of late is online poker. There are many reasons why poker has grown, including its fun and intellectual nature and great rewards for winning. Now that travel restrictions are easing up, avid poker players may want to continue their game while visiting other countries.

Here’s how you can continue to play online poker while abroad:
Check the poker legislation

Playing online poker may be very different depending on the country you’re in. In some places, online poker is fully legal, while in others, it may be recognized as a different type of online game with various restrictions. As such, it’s important to know local legislation so that you don’t risk breaking any laws or taking part in unaccredited poker sites.

For instance, if you’re traveling to the United States, you’ll find that only some states have online poker legislation that allows state-licensed internet poker. These include Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, and West Virginia. Among these states, only a few have signed an agreement allowing poker sites to be open and able to link across state lines.

Review your current cybersecurity

Since online poker involves spending, it is best to ensure your security while playing. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are high-powered online privacy tools that mask your IP address and real location. VPNs work by disguising data traffic online, thereby protecting it from external access.

Without a VPN, your unencrypted data from playing poker online may be viewed by anybody with network access and some technical know-how. Using one protects your financial information from cybercriminals that may be ready to intercept your data.

Find a place with stable internet

Playing poker online successfully requires that you have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, it could jeopardize your progress and chances of winning the game! Playing online poker with fast internet provides you with a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. You won’t have to deal with any disconnections or wasted time.

Since you’re traveling, you may have limited access to decent internet. Try to ensure that you have at least a smartphone with a 4G connection or a computer with access to 10Mbps or higher speeds. Only then will you be able to have a buffering-free gaming experience, which allows you to focus on your gameplay and avoid distractions pertaining to internet speeds.

Have your bankroll converted and ready

When you arrive at your destination ready to play, you may be ready to go ahead and play in your own currency. However, you will often find that ATM fees are quite exorbitant once you need to withdraw. It’s best to come prepared to spend some of your money on currency exchange fees, and it is better to research the market exchange rate to minimize costs.

Frequent travelers may benefit from opening an international bank account or even a bank account local to their destinations. This way, making deposits and withdrawals can be done using a dedicated debit card without incurring so many fees. If you decide to do this instead, then be sure to pay attention to local laws and the local online poker room rules.

The Bottom Line

Playing online poker abroad can be tricky, especially if you’re traveling on a limited budget. But by making the necessary preparations, you can play anywhere you choose to and enjoy the game.