Introduces a price per message revenue model for ai bot creators

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Poe presents an AI bot maker’s price-per-message revenue plan

With Poe, the AI chatbot platform owned by Quora, producers of bots now have an additional means of monetization. The business unveiled a monetization model on Monday that enables bot designers to charge a fee per message sent by a user, allowing them to get paid each time the bot receives a message. The update comes after a revenue-sharing scheme that was unveiled in October 2023 and would pay bot developers a portion of the money generated by their customers subscribing to Poe’s premium offering.

Poe, which Quora first introduced in February 2023, allows users to try out a range of poe AI chatbots, including those from OpenAI. This company created ChatGPT, Anthropic, Google, and other companies. The goal is to give users a convenient way to experiment with cutting-edge AI technology in one location and to provide Quora with a possible supply of fresh content.

The company’s income models reward poe.AI enthusiasts who create “prompt bots” and server bots developed by developers that work with Poe’s AI, putting a unique spin on the creator economy.

Quora claimed in the fall of last year that it would start a revenue-sharing program with bot developers and that it would “soon” allow developers to charge a fee for each message their bots send. The latter is now live, even though it was announced about five months ago—hardly “soon”—at that point.

Poe users will only see message points for each bot, which includes the same points they have as either a free user or a Poe subscriber, according to Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo’s Monday explanation. But he did say that the creators will get paid in US dollars.

D’Angelo wrote in a post on X, “This pricing mechanism is important for developers with substantial model inference or API costs.” “Paying these operational costs is a critical component of our goal, which is to enable a thriving ecosystem of model developers and bot creators who build on top of models,” he continued.

According to D’Angelo, the new business model may encourage the creation of new types of bots, particularly in areas like knowledge, analysis, narrative, tutoring, and image generation.

Currently, only American bot builders can access the service; however, it will eventually be made available worldwide. It joins the program for monetizing creators, which pays up to $20 for each user who subscribes to Poe via a creator’s bots.

Poe introduced an improved analytics dashboard that shows the average profits for artists’ bots across paywalls, subscriptions, and messages in addition to the per-message revenue model. Its regularly updated information will let creators better understand how their pricing drives bot usage and income.